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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sold a Custom Order

Yay! Sold a Custom Order on Friday -- a wire art piece I've been working on for awhile. Very excited about that! The customer requested a piece for her son, who is a drummer, and I think it turned out pretty cool! His name is Mason and I was able to incorporate that into the design, too.

Our Homeschool Mom's Retreat was this past weekend -- a good time as always. Something always seems to come up that needs to be dealt with in my heart! My facilitator spoke on "What's in your cupboard". How we can only serve our family what's in our cupboard, literally as well as figuratively. We can't serve them spaghetti when there's no spaghetti in the cupboard, and we can't be someone we aren't as homeschooling moms. We need to be who we are, give out of what is already in our hearts, using our own gifts. It's something I know I struggle with constantly, comparing myself to other moms. The funny thing was that as my friend and I sat there, she said to me "I'm always worried about how I'm doing as a homeschooler because I'm NOT crafty and artistic, I'm NOT wired that way, so I feel like I'm failing!" And I looked at her and said "Oh yeah, well, I'm NOT organized, I'm NOT good at getting the kids to write essays and do book reports, and all my kids DO is arts & crafts, music, and puppet shows! I feel like I'm a failure because I have no bookwork done ... ever!" Funny how we both felt the same way about ourselves, but from totally different angles!

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