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Thursday, February 4, 2010

On the road again ... and again ... and again!

I am so tired of driving!!! I feel like I have done nothing but drive all week! All month, actually! I thought homeschooling happened AT HOME -- apparently, I was wrong! I also thought January was supposed to be a slow month, you know, to wind down after Christmas, get one's house in order, yada yada yada ... but no, it's the month to drive to one activity after another! Argh!

This blog is supposed to be about Blackscrapcat Designs -- but I have had NO time at all to do anything remotely wire-related! Argh again! I need some time to breathe!

I have all sorts of ideas, designs spinning around in my head that I want to put into wire ... deep sigh ... so many ideas, so little time!!!

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