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Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday, Monday

The Mommas and the Papas -- great band! Having grown up in this media-manic world, my Sweet Darling and I realized once upon a time that most of our conversation comes from movie, music, or tv shows. So, we play "What's the reference?" I'm hoping it'll keep my memory sharp as I get older ... well, I can always hope :)

Living in an old church has its disadvantages: there are no closets in churches, ever noticed that? Not really any rooms to speak of, especially not for as many bedrooms as we need, and how exactly am I supposed to make use of the foyer? It's this big room that just fills up with stuff because I haven't found a purpose for it yet. Until now! Had a bright idea yesterday to build a big workspace table -- kind of a glorified kitchen island, minus sink or stove. Lots of seating for the kids and their projects, lots of storage too ... you know. It'll take up a lot of space in the middle of the floor, but it will also replace a lot of the miscellaneous pieces of furniture around the outside walls too -- I like it!

Swimming lessons today, thankfully this is the last week! But at least I get to chat with all the other moms as we sit by the pool :)

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