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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Project - Hanging Votive Holders for a Wedding

Started working on a new project tonight -- hanging votive holders for a wedding. It's a potential Alchemy bid, but I'm still brainstorming with her on what exactly she wants. I'm good with the wire part of the holders, but I think supplying the glasses would be cost prohibitive. I suggested baby food/sm condiment jars to her, and she said that might be a solution ... I'm pleased with what I came up with, using small juice glasses from my own cupboard. Batteries were dead in my camera, tho', so I'll have to take the pictures tomorrow -- oops! Will post those later ...

Homeschool Mom's Retreat this weekend -- I can hardly wait! It's always just a refreshing time, a great reminder and encouragement that this homeschooling thing I do is really the right thing, that I'm doing ok. Helps me get "over the hump" of mid-winter post-Christmas school blues! Also helps me to realize that all the things I mull over in my head aren't unique to me, that every other homeschooler (if they're really being honest, anyway!) has the same worries, stresses, fears and so on ... Guess what?! I'm not special!

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