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Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday ... again

Ahhh, the first Monday in a month I don't have to hustle the kids out the door by 10:00 am -- honestly, I don't know how you moms who have your kids in school do it! I can't imagine the work involved in getting them out the door on time, with everything they need ... yada yada yada ... every day! Totally stresses me out to think about it. That would have to be my first and foremost reason for homeschooling (shallow, I know) -- being able to sleep in!!!

Wire we here ... wire we here ... hmmm. I have this idea for an art piece -- but I'm struggling a bit with the concept. I want to make a frame of sorts, fill it with wire circles, and then wrap the circles with embroidery floss (such bright colors). It would be a weird mixed-media sort of contemporary artwork (hopefully) -- I'm just not completely sure how to do the frame. Should I use a steel bar frame and wrap wire around it??? Pondering ...

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