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Monday, April 5, 2010

We've been sick!!!

Oh my goodness, we've had the mother of all head colds around here! Seems like not much, just a head cold, but the blinding headache, total congestion that morphs into sinus infection, fever ... this has been no fun at all! All of us had it, hubby and I worst of all, and I actually had to break down and get some antibiotics for my sinus infection. Yuck! I hate having to do that. All life outside of my little world has ceased to exist, but I'm finally starting to see daylight!

Happy Easter everyone! We had family over on Good Friday to color eggs and had a very nice time ... well, the kids and I did, but hubby was pretty out of it. He tried to be present, but he just sat there shivering and staring and finally just went back to bed. Then my baby had a very high fever and spent pretty much all of Saturday and Easter Sunday sleeping on me. Seems like the worst is over for him, tho', thankfully. He's still a little crabby but the fever has broken.

So there's my big excuse for checking out of life for the last few weeks. Let's hope it gets better this week!

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